FL08R 700lm 18650 Flashlight in Rivervale Crescent, Northeast Singapore for sale

FL08R 700lm 18650 Flashlight

Status: IN STOCK Price: $33
Battery and charger sold separately
- High quality host for maximum heat dissipation.
- Stainless Steel bezel.
- Side switch
- Lo> Mid> Hi, ramping.
FAQ: 1) "I have seen the same model with higher lumens elsewhere..."/ why lumen values so low?. - We try our best to advertise the TRUE output lumen values as possible. Not relying on the fake lumens provided by the China manufacturers which is very deceiving. Do check out Professional flashlight makers such as Eagletac, Fenix, Nitecore, etc, for reference. Do not be surprised that our lights are much brighter than others who claimed to be able to produce 2~3x the lumens output.
2) Can I use "normal" battery. - 18650/ 26650/ 14500/ 10440 are lithium-ION battery models. If alkaline battery is not mentioned in the ad, it clearly means that it is NOT supported.
3) Battery included? - Battery and charger are SOLD separately. Look out for bundle deals if you wish to purchase with battery. Price of Li-ION battery starts from $12/pc (mainly Japan and Korea made) and charger from $11.
4) Collection location is too far. Are there any other meet up places? - Please opt for local courier service if you wish to save time and traveling cost for Rivervale meet up. - Advance payment required for alternative meet up location(s)* (please check with us in adv). - Same day personal shipping, directly to your doorstep for order above $130*(please check with us in adv).
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