FS INfinity Primius C25 Centre speaker in Rivervale Crescent, Northeast Singapore for sale

Audio and Video

I bought the c25 to be the center between two infinity Primus 360s. Based on the product reviews already out there, I felt comfortable buying this product, and my experience certainly matches the general consensus that, for the money, this is an excellent speaker. The dB rating is lower than some of the other speakers in my setup, it seems very crisp clear and pleasantly loud for the movies I watch. Given its frequency response range, I wouldn't recommend it outside of its intended use as the center in a 5.1 setup because it lacks the very lower and very high frequencies, but in conjunction with a solid subwoofer and towers, you will not be disappointed. Those looking for a sleek speaker should look elsewhere, as it is rather large and heavy, but this speaks only to the quality of construction, and the warranty also reinforces that. In any event, the c25 fleshes out very well a surround setup and provides clarity and directness for music and voice. If you already have a receiver and some good fronts, and a sub, this should be your next purchase. Mine was had for ~100 shipped and it was well worth it. Do not deceive yourself into thinking a cheaper speaker will be a less expensive solution. Cheaper equipment sounds less good and neither lasts as long or is backed by a multi year warranty. If you are looking at a surround setup, or really another home electronics, given the ridiculous cost of repairing electronics, it is well worth it to get the better equipment in the first place, and this speaker is an excellent example.