Ogawa Mobile Seat Massager in Rivervale Crescent, Northeast Singapore for sale

Ogawa Mobile Seat Massager
Ogawa Mobile Seat Massager
Ogawa Mobile Seat Massager

Selling my Mobile seat massager as out moving out soon. It was used about 5-8 times only. Very good condition. It was purchased in Aug 2012. Can be fixed to any chair and very relaxing. Max usage time 15mins per day. The original price was $388.
•Persons' who have strained nerves, headaches or insomnia due to an overworked brain.
•Patients suffering from myopia (true myopia, pseudo myopia, and hybridism myopia), hyperopia and astigmatism.
•Prevents or restrains myopia from getting worse.
•Relieves eye and brain fatigue.
•Restrains neurasthenia, helps improve sleep quality.
•Back Cushion
•Moveable Rollers
•Seat Cushion
•Remote Control
•Vibration Motor
Using the OGAWA Mobile Seat Massage Cushion
•Connect seat cushion power cord with back cushion power cord.
•Connect the other power cord on the back cushion to the adapter.
•Connect the adapter to an electrical outlet and press the power button.
•Please refer to control panel operating instructions while in use.
•The massage unit can be used on the office chair or car chair. Connect igniter with power plug in the car.
•Press the power button once more and unplug from socket after terminating massage.